My story and thoughts about the reasons of obesity and consequences of it (part one)

Before the summer, after winter holidays, gyms and other sports venues fill up with people who are starting their ”new life”. Also the minds of people are directed towards hopes and dreams of healthier and other parts better life. Who hasn’t been in this type of situation, made sugar strikes, spend January with no alcohol and spent money on a new membership of a gym for example?

At some point those actions take back turn since if we would all follow those decisions we would all be on our ideal weight, have the best and healthiest lifestyles and those gyms would fill up over its walls and more would be builded all the time. For every one of us the modifying of our lifestyles gets harder when time goes by and from there people gets their experiences. For overweight there is multiple factors to be concerned for example the place of habitation, the quality and amount of food, genetics, sicknesses and so on.

I have lost 90 kilos from my worst.

I myself have such genetics that I gain weight fairly easily. Of course this means gaining muscle also quite easily but for that I have never frighted against. Since I was a little kid there were people who had the need to tell mee that I’m in some ways annoyingly obese for their eyes and suggested for me to start doing something about it. 

For me the weight gaining started during of elementary school. At the age of 10 I was on a same hight as now but I didn’t fit into the mold of generic child from Imatra since my father isn’t born Finnish. My mother cheered me up everyday, told me that I was beautiful and someday I’m going to gain so much height that my ”child chubbiness” is going to go away, like it had happened for her. Still I never reached the hight of over 200cm, which was needed to loose that weight and I started to believe more people from outside my nearest circle. Because I was told that I am fat, I became fat. And no, not only by thinking like it but I started to living with my upbringing and started to eat to drown my highs and lows.

Since I figured out that I was so different, I tried to change. I tried to stop eating junk and eat also less and the moments when there were other people around when having a meal started to feel uncomfortable. At those times, I tried to be careful of my eating even the mixed signals of eating all the food which had been put on my plate by someone else. Even I tried, there still were people who remembered to point out that I’m eating to much and I’m fat or I’m going to become like one. Escaping the treats was hard since I needed to handle my feelings by eating and since eating before others became uncomfortable, I started eating secretly. Eating and hiding the food became a hobby.

I was really nervous about going to junior high school and as I suspected, the bullying became so severe that I skipped school for which my grades dropped from 9,9 to 8,9 during seventh grades fall. One day when I was at school and followed others by sitting on the floor of the halls. When the bell rang for the beginning of the class, I just couldn’t get up. I was so obese that I couldn’t move like others. For fellow students it was of course fun to follow.

At New Year’s I started loosing weight, that of course also secretly. I exercised and danced in my room, started to eat only plant based because only by that, everything was forbidden in school cafeteria also. I had read from the magazines that eating after 6pm, you gain weight so I followed that rule. I started ski’ing when it was dark outside so that no one would see me and make fun of me. I starved and exercised more and more always somewhere where no one would see me. I weighted myself every morning and evening and sometimes when I was starving at night time. Since my ”fat girl clothes” where the same, no one knew my secret. When I had lost around 30 kilos, I started going to the aerobics class and payed for it from my candy money. At the end I asked for my mother to sew new leggings and top for me and started visiting the near by gym to visit this local weightlifter. I got new sneakers for school so I started running at night time so that no one would see me. At night I used my mother’s wide belt since I had read from somewhere that it narrows the waist line. Thank God that there was no internet when this all happened.

It is sad that obesity is not handled as sickness. I don’t think that anyone would offer any drinks for recovering alcoholic for the reason of it not getting that person drunk. Even it is so for the alcoholics, people still offer sugary sweets for obese people since a ”single bite of chocolate doesn’t make someone obese”.  Obese, addicted person gets stimulus from that single bite which leads on a circle of gobbling. No one is fat if he or she isn’t eating too much such as no one is an alcoholic it he or she isn’t drinking too much and not controlling it. 


Sara Nevalainen
FISAF Fitness Personal Trainer
Fustra Personal Trainer
NLP Practitioner