My story and thoughts about the reasons of obesity and consequences of it (part two)

For one of my customers, her addiction was  bread and buns. We have had ups and downs with fighting against that addiction. Every time she has fallen for uncontrollably over eating the reason has been that one of her friends or close ones has offered some for her and she hasn’t had the guts to say no. I asked from her that what are these people who offer these treats for you looking like and she stated that every one of them is obese. This reminds me of drug addicts hanging around the corners of parks – would you take drugs from these people with messy clothes and no teeth in their mouth?

I fight against my addiction consciously. I have gathered information about how metabolism is working in theory. I have studied everything about food so I have the possibility to fight and win the battle. I have the possibility to make amazingly delicious food for which I’m not feeling quilty eating and it tastes for others as well. I don’t have to underline that food and weight controlling is my obsession. My close circle has understood it and it is not anyone else’s business around that circle. I know that I can’t be enjoying from some things such as sugar since it leads to binge eating for me. Everyone in my family are like that. Learned and from genetics, no doubt.

I have discussed for hundreds of hours with my customers suffering from obesity and all of their reasons are coming from childhood. We are the first generation who’s mothers has had the information from Weight watchers in their pockets. Many times my mother has given herself blame for being over weight and for her children also and she has been on and off on diets. That wake up call comes when you can see yourself doing that same things around your own children. It isn’t helping when food has become something else besides just being food such as being fancy with it, grounds for quilt and expression of love.

It would be best to recognize when the situation is uncontrollable and to think how that situation could be controlled with reason, not with emotions. If you are feeling bad over the composition of your body, you should do something about it. If you are feeling bad, you are sharing that feeling around you, to your close ones inevitably. These people around you should also understand that you don’t want to be fat and those treats that are brought home for the symbol of love are not love – it’s poison. Food is love when it’s gathered from ingredients from which humans also is composing. People are not made from sugar and huge amounts of fat. We, who have the capability to transform food into fat would have been those people who survived on ice age. When there is so much food as now around you, the situation has turned another way around – we fat people are dying.

For adults, finding the balance is hard. It is a possibility that this type of situation has never been possible. I never encourage people to count calories since it leads to another addiction and for me the best possible situation is to have clients who are braking their addictions, not building new ones. I ask for everyone to think their own every-day-life and where that obesity comes from. Being busy is not making anyone obese but the actions because of being busy is. We all have the same amount of hours in our days to use and I encourage my clients to find time to make food.

If you are suffering from your bad habits, I think that you don’t want to attach those habits for your children. If you are living by yourself you are your own enemy and best friend. Make that time meaningful for yourself. You must have also friends who are needing your company and might just be like you. Do things together. Create habits from which you really enjoy by yourself and with your friends. 

You don’t have to eat everything offered for you. It is not bad to say now to those treats, it’s bad if it’s force needed for you. If you know that eating some treats are not leading you to over eating there is nothing wrong with eating then but if you know that you are going to binge after that, think again. No one knows you as well as you do. Make that your power.

Being obese is not fun. It is mentally and physically exhausting situation from which you wouldn’t want your close ones to suffer so don’t make that a suffering for yourself either.

Ps. Even the dog on the picture died for the reasons for me being so obese and lazy that I had no power to take it out for a walk. It got runned over car after escaping. That’s one sad example of multiplicative effects of obesity.

Sara Nevalainen
FISAF Fitness Personal Trainer
Fustra Personal Trainer
NLP Practitioner