World Championship vibes

When writing this, I’m sitting on an airplane on my way to Dublin, Ireland. That moment, for what I have been working for, dreamt and stressed about is happening now – Kettlebell World Championship of 2019.

Social media channels are on fire – so many messages of good luck and support from family, friends and even from people unknown! Then there’s you who day in and day out are supporting and sharing this experience with me. Thank you for each and every one of you!

People keep whispering when we’re walking at the airport wearing our national team uniforms and on an airplane stewardess and other passengers are eager to know, where we’re heading and what Finland Giveoy Sport stands for.

This is that peak of the mountain which happens couple times in a year. Those little moments of happiness and joy, pride and even disbelief. Also some disappointment and frustration. 

Not all are aware of that all that’s happening behind the competing journeys and how many hours that one competitor practices to better the score or personal record to succeed. To represent his or her own country with the best possible way.

And it’s not just about training, it’s a constant choice in terms of nutrition, sleep, fun and everything else. So many wine glasses have changed into water, so many festivities have changed into training and rest, so many pizzas have changed to chicken and rice. So many vacation trips have changed to competition journeys. So many people have disappeared from my life, but so many friends I have gained from working out with new people. Thank you, you know who you are.

I train the sport three times a week under the guidance of my coach, Abigail Johnston. No single repetition has not been done, not one. In addition, I train for strength 2-3 times a week according to my strength coach Heikki Marin’s training plan. These too have been conscientiously carried out. On top of these, one active run weekly – light run or intervals. On top of these everyday walks with dogs. It makes 6-7 workouts per week + walks with dogs. I wouldn’t change anything.

I’m not gonna start talking about the money – I just want to thank my sponsors from the bottom of my heart, who in one way or another is supporting this. Suomen Hierojakoulut Oy, SykeTribe, PinkkiHeidi, CryoFit, Vk-Kustannus, Laune AutoCenter & Laune Autolasi. Thank you.

After the competition it is time to take a moment until we start to build up towards the next goal. The basics are kept in order, but I’m going to be living a bit more relaxed – that’s how I’m getting through and enjoying every moment. Because this is all very awesome now.

The captain just announced we are going to be in Dublin. On this trip I’m the whole team’s team manager. In front is the announcement of the team to the competitions, the distribution of the race cards to the team, the weighing and the opening ceremony. The next day for me is rest, and then is ”the day”. 10 minutes on stage to show what my condition is at the moment.

Heli Onikki

Entrepreneur, woman of multitasking and kettlebell enthusiasts